“Helping Others Is The Best Part Of My Job” — Lisa MacCarley

Our goal is to help make the human sojourn a little less difficult.

A Compassionate Approach To Life’s Most Important Decisions

The best estate plans are just that — plans. But far too often, you may be facing an estate or probate crisis on behalf of a family member who has not adequately prepared. Whether you are experiencing a personal crisis or need help for a loved one in the Glendale area, Lisa MacCarley can help make these difficult decisions as painless as possible for everyone involved.

We focus our practice on conservatorships, estate planning, probate administration, elder law and mediation. Our goal is to help you as best we can, and to minimize any financial or legal burden for your family members down the road.

Personal And Cost-Effective Solutions

Every estate plan is unique, and every probate process is prone to conflict. When you consult with our firm, you work directly with Lisa MacCarley to discuss your needs and develop a personalized solution for your family. You receive a lawyer of excellent caliber, at a value that is difficult to match with other attorneys.

Ensure Your Family Is Cared For

Our firm runs on the belief that a proper estate plan should do more than distribute your assets after you are gone. Everyone should start preparing for their own incapacity, laying out plans to secure and fund long-term care, and selecting decision makers, rather than burdening your family with potential conflict when crisis strikes.

Estate planning is a process everybody should go through, for the sake of their security and their family’s sanity. But this process doesn’t have to be difficult. We can help you work through every decision, so you can best prepare for your future — or in some cases, quickly resolve any current conflicts.

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