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iNews  |  7-14-21
Britney Spears conservatorship: #FreeBritney activists on the latest court hearing outcome and the future

However, LA lawyer Lisa MacCarley says that Wednesday’s outcome makes all the difference. “Now that Ms. Spears will no longer have a ‘court-appointed lawyer” who controls the court case and narrative,” she says, “the fans who love her can be assured that she will be free from the constraints of the conservatorship relatively quickly.”


The New Yorker  |  7-3-21
Britney Spears’s Conservatorship Nightmare

Lisa MacCarley, an estate-and-probate lawyer in Los Angeles who has become something of a “mascot,” as she put it, for the #FreeBritney movement, describes the city’s probate-court system as plagued by cronyism, with judges appointing advocates from a small list of favored lawyers. [Probate lawyer and Spears’s former conservator] Ingham, she said, “has made a lot of money bullshitting people.” 


The Independent  |  6-24-21 
How #FreeBritney actually started

Wu says even after Britney is freed, they will “100 per cent” continue fighting for the victims of conservatorship abuse.

For lawyer and activist Lisa MacCarley ,that is music to her ears. MacCarley has been a probate and conservatorship attorney since 1993 and runs a charity, Bettys’ Hope, which aims to ensure that a conservatee doesn’t lose their right to see their family. Wu contacted her last Summer about Spears.

A few weeks later, MacCarley found herself walking up to a #FreeBritney rally in front of the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Los Angeles, armed with books and case documents. When she finally met Wu, he handed her a pink megaphone.

“I think I’ve had 10 years of anger and frustration and sadness, I just kind of belted out what I felt was wrong,” MacCarley says.

Fans of Spears, wearing #FreeBritney T-shirts and holding protest posters, broke out in applause.

“I hit a chord,” she says. “[I] acknowledged that they were right and that they were righteous, which they are.”

“What they did was add legitimacy to something that has been a burden on me emotionally and professionally for a decade,” she says.

“All these years I’ve been praying for a miracle,” MacCarley says. “The #FreeBritney movement is my miracle.”



Vanity Fair  |  11-12-20
How Britney Spears Is Fighting Her Father for Legal Control of Her Estate

“It does strike us, in the legal profession, as strange,” says Lisa MacCarley, an estate planning and probate attorney based in California, of Spears’s conservatorship. …  “Even up in Sacramento when I talk to legislators, they say, what’s going on? Nobody understands it.”

“To me, it’s just another example of the dysfunction of the Los Angeles and for that matter, Orange County, probate court,” she said. “That’s why I got involved. Because we’re seeing families being traumatized, exploited, abused by a system that is supposed to protect families and their loved ones.”



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