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Mediation FAQs

Mediation FAQs

What Is A Mediator?

A legal mediator is an impartial individual experienced in conflict resolution. The mediator’s job is to help the participants identify the core issues, facilitate communication, create options mutually agreeable to all. The mediator decides nothing. The mediator acts as a catalyst, confidante, and counselor to all.

Who Uses Mediation?

Any dispute qualifies for legal mediation. Mediation is especially helpful when the issues are complex, carry “emotional baggage,” or involve ongoing relationships such as family members who will continue to interact throughout their lives.

Why Use Mediation?

Mediation allows the parties to maintain complete control of the crucial decisions that affect them, rather than handing their futures over to opposing attorneys, judges, or arbitrators. Solutions meet the participants’ basic needs and sense of fairness. Both parties’ legal interests and rights are respected and protected. As an added bonus, participants often learn conflict resolution methods they can use in other areas of their lives. Mediation is very personal and private. It is far less expensive than either litigation or arbitration. Mediation is about WIN/WIN/WIN. Period.

What Is Mediation Not?

Not about guilt or innocence. Not about legal jargon. Not about who started it. Not about the past as much as “where do we go from here” to create a future we can all live with and even feel proud of.

How Long Does Mediation Take?

Many disputes are solved in a single session, a few hours long. More complex issues, of course, take longer. All parties participate in each session. The goal of everyone concerned is to resolve the dispute as painlessly and elegantly as possible. No one’s goal is to rack up billable hours.

How Much Does Mediation Cost?

This cost is typically shared by the participants. In cases of financial hardship, a sliding scale is available. We all want to solve the same problems.

Why Do We Do Mediation?

We love law because we get to help other people with important, sometimes overwhelming, problems. As a bonus, we get paid for it. Helping others is the best part of our jobs, and those who know us will tell you we repeat our thanks for it every day. Legal mediation is about people, their hearts, and the hearts of their problems. Mediation does not fan the flames of resentment or bitterness. Its sole goal is to resolve conflict and put sorrow to rest. Working closely with others toward a common goal is wonderful way to live a life. A difficult and successful mediation makes our day, our whole week — then everybody gets to sleep better at night.