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Estate Planning

Helping You Build A Tailored Estate Plan

Every estate plan is unique, and we listen to your needs and help you tailor a plan that protects your well-being while minimizing the burden on your family. Attorney Lisa MacCarley has two decades of estate experience, and works directly with you to determine how to best move past these difficult life decisions.Our firm utilizes several tools to build an estate plan that protects you and your family. These include trustsconservatorships and assigning the guardianship of a child. Rather than waiting until you are in a time of crisis, we recommend being proactive in building your estate plan.

Four Things To Keep In Mind About Your Estate Plan

Our concerns with your estate plan take into account the numerous reasons why traditional estate planning for simply probate-avoidance or tax-avoidance is inadequate. Keep these tips in mind as you plan your estate in California:

  1. Estate planning is not just for the rich. Estate plans serve more of a purpose than to protect your assets. The most beneficial use of estate planning is to address that period between capacity and death. By planning for your incapacity, you take the emotional and psychological burden off your family.
  2. Middle class families should consider Medi-Cal planningRather than place the burden on your family to sell your assets to pay for your care, you should consider taking proactive measures to plan for Medi-Cal assistance.
  3. Estate plans should be reader-friendly documents. We provide our clients with as many copies of their estate plan as they request, and use extra-large print to ensure the entire plan can be read and understood.
  4. Consider utilizing a professional fiduciary. If you don’t want to burden your friends, you don’t trust someone with your estate or don’t want to cause distention within your family, then the use of a professional fiduciary could be beneficial for your estate.

For a free consultation with a trusted estate lawyer, call our Glendale office at 800-577-7102 or reach out to us online.